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Decolonizing Defense: Radical Conversations about Indigenous Communities’ Self Defense

A discussion lead by Billie Pierre at the International Copwatching Conference. The ICC is taking place between July 22 and 24 in Winnipeg Manitoba. 

This is a talking circle about reality and possibility, intended to explore what community defense means to us: on the street, on reserve and on the land. How do we protect ourselves from violent institutions of colonization (police, CAS, government and corporate land theft, etc.) while struggling for interdependence on each other instead of reliance on state power and police? What would a cross-territory defense network look like which centers on our traditional ways of being and where everyone has a role in the community, people living close to the land and close to the street? How can we (or should we) extend copwatching strategies to adapt them as tools for educating street and gang involved youth? How do we engage all our people in collective defense against the threats we are all facing together?

This space is intended for Native voices, please respect this and critically reflect on your power/privilege and reasons for coming to the circle before occupying space here. Non-native allies are welcome to listen as respectful visitors in our empowered territories.


Anti-Native Rights Activist Gary McHale Charged with Assault

Longtime anti-native rights activist Gary McHale has been charged with assault today after he used physical force to repeatedly push Six Nations solidarity activist Tom Keefer at a so-called “truth and reconciliation” rally in Caledonia on February 27, 2011. The incident occurred in the context of an attempt by Gary McHale to provoke members of the Six Nations community by placing a 5 foot high wooden monument at the entrance of the Douglas Creek Estates (known by the people of Six Nations as Kanonstaton “the protected place”) as part of his so-called “truth and reconciliation” rally.

On February 27, the Six Nations Solidarity network, an organization which has come together to build support for Six Nations land rights in non-native communities, mobilized over 120 people to come to Caledonia to stand in support of real truth and reconciliation. The network has long held that any meaningful process of truth and reconciliation must involve redress of the continuing dynamics of colonialism imposed upon indigenous people by Canadian society, and must respect and honor the treaties that have been made between Six Nations and the Canadian state/British Crown. Read the rest of this entry

Glenn Beck Attacks Fight Back! News and Committee to Stop FBI Repression

From Fight Back! News. Fight Back! News is the official organ of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Wisconsin union protesters express their opinion about Fox News

On March 3, notorious right-wing FOX TV personality Glenn Beck launched a 12-minute attack against Fight Back! News, the Committee to Stop FBI Repression and many individual labor and anti-war activists associated with these projects. The purpose of his attack was to try to sow division among the many forces that have united in Wisconsin to boldly fight back against the anti-union agenda of Governor Scott Walker.

The Committee to Stop FBI Repression organizes to defend the 23 anti-war and international solidarity activists who have been subpoenaed to a secret grand jury in Chicago. Many of the activists’ homes and one office was raided by the FBI in September 2010. The grand jury witch hunt is supposedly investigating ‘material support for foreign terrorism.’ If indicted, these activists will face severe charges and the possibility of long jail sentences even though they haven’t given any material support to terrorism. They have organized against U.S. wars and military aid and have used their First Amendment right to express their political ideas in solidarity with people facing oppression in places like Palestine and Colombia. Read the rest of this entry