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America’s ‘Crack’ Plague Has Roots in Nicaragua War

As has been pointed out earlier this week, the epidemic of so-called “crack” cocaine in the United States is chemical warfare that has been unleashed by the colonial US state against Africans, Natives and other colonized people’s within the borders of this prison of nations. Many people however, including the colonized, do not however really understand this, and so with following series of revealing and damning articles by white journalist Gary Webb I will be posting I intend to explore this topic further. Read the rest of this entry

Drugs Oppress the People Every Day

I recently moved back to Bermuda and ever since I can’t this track out of my mind. This is because Bermuda in recent years has seen an explosion in the lumpen drug economy, especially the horizontal violence that often goes hand-in-hand with it. This horizontal violence is now spilling over and impacting the masses of working class Bermudians, primarily Africans, and the colonial state is using it to justify greater repression of drug related offenses (which already carry hefty penalties on the Island). So like I said, I can’t get this song out of my mind…

So, What Was it We Were Supposed to be Thankful Today?

Someone remind, because I forgot what exactly we got out of helping some lost white religious zealots.

What that question in mind, this is what I am not thankful for. This is what it is like to live on the Oglala Lakota reservation at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, courtesy of American colonialism, the thing that Americans will be celebrating today as they consume copious amount of food. I chose them over other equally or more impoverished peoples because they are well known and because the stats are more easy to come by. However, it should be noted that if one were to only change the names and locales, this article could just as easily be used to describe countless other nations from Alaska to Mexico, including (but by know means limited to): the Diné-Navajo, Ute Mountain Ute, Tohono O’odham (Papago), Pima, Yaqui, Cherokee, Choctaw and Creek of Oklahoma, Apache, other Lakota such as the Brule’, and my own people, the Menominee. The list is tragic and far from being short.

The Stats

Employment Information

  • The unemployment rate in the community is between 83 and 85%, with higher fluctuations during the winter months when conditions make travel difficult.
  • As of the year 2006, 97% of the population lives below the federal poverty level
  • It is made even more difficult to find employement by the fact that the nearest city (Rapid City) is 120 miles from the reservation, while the nearest large city (Denver) is 350 miles. Read the rest of this entry