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Condescending Saviours: What Went Wrong with the Pol Pot Regime

Khmer Rouge guerrillas in the jungle of western Cambodia as they attempt to halt advancing Vietnamese forces in 1981

The following article is a critique of the historical development and experiences of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, better known as the Khmer Rouge. It comes from A World to Win, the news service of the former Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. However not being a Marxist-Leninist or a Maoist, and hence not terribly invested in the ‘revisionist vs. anti-revisionist’ dogmatism, I do not entirely agree with the analysis given.

In particular, given the Maoist nature of the source of the article, the revolution in Viet Nam is painted as ‘revisionist’ because of the eventual choice of the revolutionary government there to align with the USSR. While there are certainly critiques to be made of the Vietnamese experience, especially regarding the relations of the Workers Party of Vietnam/Communist Party of Vietnam with the revolutionary national liberation struggles in Viet Nam’s neighbors of Laos and Cambodia, I do not think that dogmatically labeling them as revisionist is helpful in excavating the issues. Read the rest of this entry

RSU Theory: Dialectical Materialism

The Utah Valley University Revolutionary Student Union is a non-tendency revolutionary group. According to them:

We do not believe our current systems of government, economy, and society are working for us. Moreover, we don’t believe that changes to the system with fix the problem. These systems are the problem. We need to replace these systems with new systems of politics, economics, and society. Hence, we are revolutionary.

However, we allow any revolutionary tendency. You can believe in violence or peaceful revolution. You can be a Marxist, Leninist, Maoist, Democratic Socialist, Social Democrat, Anarchist, Syndicalist, Mutualist, or any other ideology that doesn’t support our system of corporate capitalism.

You can check out their hompage at and follow them on Twitter at . They also have an excellent Youtube channel at . Read the rest of this entry

The Poverty of Philosophy

Some truth from Immortal Technique.