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The Rise & Role of Political Islam in Egypt

The following article was originally published on under the title Political Islam in Egypt.

Egypt, home to one of the great ancient civilizations recognized in Western historiography, has once again become a center of world attention. Following the 2011 ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings which toppled long-time ruler Hosni Mubarek, various forces of Egyptian society have emerged in an ongoing contest over social and political power. Of these forces, one of the most prominent has been that of organized Islam, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood. How did Islam come to Egypt and how has it manifested itself in modern organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood? What has been its role in Egypt since independence, and what role will political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood likely play in the future? Read the rest of this entry

Thoughts on the White “Left” Imagination: A Response to the Kasama Project on Religion

Let’s not worry ourselves with whether the soul is mortal or immortal when we know that hunger is [deadly]. – Camilo Torres

I normally do not write articles just to vent, but there has been something particularly stupid irritating me for the last few days. As the level of irritation it has caused is higher than the background level I feel I need to say something about it.

Anyway, over at a particularly well known White “leftist” site there was a stink raised last week about pop singer Cee Lo Green’s alterations to the lyrics to John Lennon’s song Imagine. The ‘incident’ occured during Cee Lo’s performance at Time Square’s New Year’s Eve party. What did he do? He changed Lennon’s lyric ““and no religion, too” with “and all religion is true,” which the group in question called a “backwards absurdity.”

But what is the real absurdity? Read the rest of this entry

Decolonizing Indigenous Traditionalism

The Spiritual Ceremony of honoring a Chief with an Eagle feather Headdress and the sacredness of giving a Spirit Name where Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was bestowed the name by the Blood Tribe as Chief Speaker obviously exemplifies how we attach "Traditionalism" on to Colonial Institutions where we fool ourselves keeping ourselves oppressed by using our Spirituality or "Traditonalism" as a form of Colonization

An important and insightful article by Johnny Hawke of the northern Ontario based Anishinabek Confederacy to Invoke our Nationhood (ACTION). On a similar theme check out Jimmie Durham’s classic essay American Indian Culture: Traditionalism and Spiritualism in a Revolutionary Struggle.

“Traditionalism, the movement to restore the social, cultural, and political integrity of our communities by restoring ancient models of governance and social interaction, has degraded into a laughable form of self-centered New Ageism, a ceremonial show or smokescreen behind which the dark abuses of the colonial master on a personal and collective level continue.”

–    Taiaike Alfred in his book Wasase Indigenous Pathways of Action and Freedom Read the rest of this entry