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Nepalese Maoists on the Verge of Splitting

Thanks to comrade OskarMLM for making these reports available. According to these reports the left-wing of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) from the “hardline” under the leadership of comrade Mohan Baidya have, apparently, announced that they will split from the Party after May 27, which is the deadline for drafting a new constitution for Nepal. Of course keep in mind that these reports from bourgeois news sources and cannot be verified by The Speed of Dreams. 

The Speed of Dreams would also like to remind its readers of the formation of the Jan Sevak Bureau by the left-wing of the party out of the Young Communist League and disaffected members of the People’s Liberation Army. Read the rest of this entry

The Overthrow of Democratic Chile

While millions today will be remembering one 9/11 let’s not forget that today also marks the fateful day that Amerikkka plunged its own dagger right into the heart of Latin America. 38 years ago today the democratically elected socialist President of Chile, Salvador Allende, was overthrown by a military coup lead by Augosto Pinochet with the intimate knowledge and backing of the United States.

Following Pinochet’s coup and Allende’s martyrdom Chile put through a Chicago School of Economics style reorganization of the economy with the direct guidance of Mr. Neoliberalism himself, Milton Friedman. These changes to Chile’s economy benefited the richest while the poor were left spending three quarters of the income simply on bread. Pinochet also established a military dictatorship, directly contradicting Friedman’s assertion that the freer the market the freer the people. His government became one of the most notorious in region and in the world for human right abuses. 

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