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The Speed of Dreams is Dead! Long Live Onkwehón:we Rising!

For a number of reasons it has been decided to close permanently The Speed of Dreams web project. It’s sad I know, but as this project ends a new one is also beginning. Onkwehón:we Rising is now live. It will carry on the spirit of The Speed of Dreams, and indeed many of my writings from my TSoD days will be available via OR, and readers will of course recognize the very familiar look and feel of the new site. It is my hope that OR will be able to develop beyond the confines of a personal blog website where it is mostly news articles being posted. I would like to see OR become a truly collaborative effort, with a greater emphasis on guest content. There will also be a much greater emphasis on theory and analysis, and on developing my own writings as well.

So with that said, The Speed of Dreams will remain dying but not yet dead until the end of the month in order to redirect readers to the new site. However, the site will be dismantled more or less, so please come on over to Onkwehón:we Rising and contribute to the discussion!