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Harper Launches Major First Nations Termination Plan: Negotiating Tables to Finalize Kanadian Colonialism

Kanada, terrified by growing First Nations militancy and anti-colonialism, is moving to liquidate the faux-sovereignty currently accorded to us

The following editorial was originally featured in the First Nations Strategic Bulletin (FNSB), June-October 2012. You can view/download this latest edition of the FNSB by clicking the following link: FNSB June-October 2012

On September 4th the Harper government clearly signaled its intention to:

1) Focus all its efforts to assimilate First Nations into the existing federal and provincial orders of government of Canada;

2) Terminate the constitutionally protected and internationally recognized Inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty rights of First Nations.

Termination in this context means the ending of First Nations pre-existing sovereign status through federal coercion of First Nations into Land Claims and Self-Government Final Agreements that convert First Nations into municipalities, their reserves into fee simple lands and extinguishment of their Inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. Read the rest of this entry

The Inter-Settler Civil War in Occupied Turtle Island & the Captive African Nation

With the release of the new Stephen Spielberg biopic/war drama about 16th US President Abraham Lincoln there has been increased discussion around this heavily mythologised White national figure. In the approved Amerikan historical narrative we are told that Lincoln fought to end the chattel slavery of captured Afrikan people because it was a great inhuman injustice that was tearing a great country apart. This discourse though has the intended effect of obscuring Lincoln’s actual history, his reasons for leading the northern settler territories against the southern ones and his vision of a post-Chattel Slavery Amerika.

It is also unfortunate, but not surprising, that the overwhelming majority of so-called “Marxists” come to incorrect conclusions about the inter-settler Civil War in Occupied Turtle Island. North American Marxists believe that the inter-settler war was one between “progressive” Northern capitalists and backwards Southern slave owning feudalists. As such, the Union played a progressive role in defeating Confederate feudalism, spreading the capitalist franchise to the South and turning Afrikan slaves into chocolate coloured White workers , the proclaimed social base of revolution in Amerika. Read the rest of this entry

They Say We Hate Amerikkka Because of a Movie, But We Say…