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The Myth of Walking in Two Worlds

Right: Johnny Hawke, Left: Richard Peters in the Reposed Traditional Gathering Place known as Council Rock and Oshkimaadizing Unity Camp. The Camp has been set up to establish Tradiitonal Anishinabek Clan Governance and to organize AnishinabeK Peoples and communities who want to reorganize and assert thier Soveriegnty opting out of illegally enforced colonial policies and laws.

The following article is from the always Kai Kai Kons (GN: Johnny Hawke) of the Loon Clan, Anishinabek Three Fires Confederacy Windigokaan Okijida Ojibway Warrior Society. 

“Father, If you white people forget your transactions with us, we do not. The Lands you have just now shew to us belongs to you. We have nothing to do with it; We have sold it to our Great Father the King, as was well paid for it. Therefore make your mind at easy. There may be some of our young people who do not think so. They may tell your people that the Land is ours, but you must not open your ears to them, but take them by the arm and put them out of your houses.”

– Chippewa’s of Lake Huron and Simcoe; Hereditary Chief Yellowhead May 1798 Addressing Superintendent of Indian Affairs of Upper Canada Russell Peters.

Land Claim Settlements between Colonial Settler States and Anishinabek Nations of Turtle Island are being resolved more and more each day using biased colonial policies where these Settler States are the judge and jury of their own crimes. The policies used to settle these Land Claims reflect the same injustices that are in these Claims and where we are in the same position our ancestors were in however the only difference now is that we can read and write in the colonial ways understanding what we are truly signing away and Surrendering to.

There are two types of Aboriginal claims in Canada that are commonly referred to as “land claims”: comprehensive claims and specific claims. Read the rest of this entry

ACTION: The heyOKA Crisis

From my good comrades over at the Anishinabek Confederacy to Invoke Our Nationhood. ACTION is a union of Sovereign Anishinabe individuals, communities and allies of other Nations who are restoring the old Anishinabek Institutions in assertion of their Sovereignty on their collective territories.

Oshkimaadziig Camp “Asked” To Leave

A statement from the Anishinabek Confederacy to Invoke Our Nationhood.


Wednesday April, 25 2012


Coldwater Heritage Museum Board of Ditrectors have requested to the organizers of an Anishinabek Oshkimaadzig Camp to pack up and leave the Museum’s property as soon as possible in a show of good faith after setting up camp without permission.

The Camp has been set up for over a week by three Anishinabek Men who are trying to bring an awareness of the 1764 Niagara Treaty Belt, 24 Nations Belt, Two Row Wampum, the One Dish One Spoon Belt and the Ojibway Friendship Belt where they feel Canada’s Specific Claims Policy along with the Indian Act are in breach of these peace agreements as well as the Canadian Constitution.

”Our intention was not to cause any disruption between the residents of Coldwater or the members of the Four Communities in the Coldwater Land Surrender. Our intention is to raise awareness that an absolute surrender of our land title is an absolute surrender of our Sovereignty. As of yet our lands have not been surrendered. ” says Memeskwaniniisi one of the camp organizer’s Read the rest of this entry