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Women of Color Respond to SlutWalk: “The Women’s Movement Is Not Monochromatic”

Note as usual that posting this piece does not imply 100% endorsement of it’s politics. That said, this article from AF3IRM (The Association of Filipinas, Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization) offers a powerful critique of the whiteness, privilege and wnexamined power dynamics of the SlutWalk Movement, which originated here in Canada. For another look at the same issues within SlutWalk, check out this piece by Ernesto Aguilar, one of my co-editors from People of Color Organize!

From the moment the first call for a SlutWalk in the US went out, the AF3IRM membership – transnational women who are im/migrants or whose families are im/migrants from Latin America, Asia, and Africa – has been analyzing and discussing this burgeoning movement to address the issue of sexual violence and continuing victimization of rape victims by police, the justice system and other agents of authority. Read the rest of this entry