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Why I Am An Atheist

Today is the birthday of the one of the most important martyrs in the Indian revolutionary struggle. Bhagat Singh, a young communist revolutionary and fighter for India’s national liberation, was executed by command of the British colonialists on March 23, 1931. Like Che Guevara, he has become a symbol of resistance for revolutionary youth throughout Asia and the world.

Singh was born into a Sikh family, but by the time of his death he become a staunch atheist. This pamphlet, which is one of his best known and considered an anti-colonial classic by many, was a result of some criticism by fellow revolutionaries on his failure to acknowledge religion and God while in a condemned cell, the accusation of vanity was also dealt with in this pamphlet. He supported his own beliefs and claimed that he used to be a firm believer in The Almighty, but could not bring himself to believe the myths and beliefs that others held close to their hearts. In this pamphlet, he acknowledged the fact that religion made death easier, but also said that unproved philosophy is a sign of human weakness. Read the rest of this entry