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Native Protesters Shut Down Enbridge Hearing in Ontario

Led by Six Nations community members, Enbridge Line 9 hearings disrupted, shut down for half a day

Press statement
Posted at Censored News
May 23, 2012

LONDON, Ontario — Dozens of environmental justice activists led by Indigenous activists from Haudenosaunee successfully “mic checked” a stop to Enbridge Line 9 hearings in London early Wednesday morning. Members of the National Energy Board had travelled to London to hear presentations from major oil conglomerates as well as environmental NGOs. After successfully disrupting meeting, Haudenosaunee representatives explained that they had not been consulted about the pipeline plans, which would negatively impact their lands.

“We are not only fighting for our rights but yours too,” said grandmother and long time Indigenous activist Ruby Montour, after members of the board and lawyers from the oil companies left the presentation room. “They need to be fair with our people, with you, your ancestors and your children. The environment is going to pay big time if these pipelines rupture and they need to listen to our concerns. They need to speak to us, the real people who need to be spoken to, whose treaties have been broken. They forced us to go to school, they forced us to learn, and we learned so now we know when they are lying or cheating. Well, they can’t anymore. They can’t force things on our lands.”  Read the rest of this entry


Gitxsan Unity Attained

If only for one day and night, unity was visable and it was felt in the air. On Saturday May 5th, 2012 Wilps Wiigyet (house group) of the Gisgaast (Fireweed) Clan hosted a settlement feast. It was an emotional time for the host clan as they completed the business of four house members, with the raising of headstones and passing on the names of their loved ones. Once the Gimlitxwit finished speaking, Wilps Wiigyet’s business was completed.

 It was estimated that two hundred and fifty people witnessed this feast. They shared food, gifts, singing, drumming and dancing, names were passed on and there was a feeling of pride in the atmoshpere. Pride for the host house group and pride for all, in being Gitxsan and in witnessing Gitxsan protocol being conducted. Just as it has been done throughout the existance of the Gitxsan Nation. The Gitxsan Ayookw is alive and well.

The menu was soups of wild game, some were made of smoked venison, others were chowders made of seafoods. Sandwiches made of salmon and bannock. Biscuits and baked buns, pies cookies and candies. Dessert was maa’y (berries). The Gimlitxwit and their wing Chiefs enjoyed herring eggs (swink) and oolichons (saak). Many gifts were handed out to all who had witnessed this important event and to those who had conducted the work for the host wilp. Read the rest of this entry

Harper and Shawn Alteo Jr: The Necolonial Dance

Shawn Alteo, chief Indian comrador in Canada, playing dress-up with Stephan Harper

The Canadian whitestream press has been abuzz lately with the meeting between Canada’s good Indians (aka the neocolonial band council and AFN sellouts) and Canada’s white power establishment, currently headed by Prime Minister Stephan Harper. Mohawk Nation News shines the light of truth on this meeting and what it means for our people.

Mohawk Nation News. Jan. 25, 2012. That dance between Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his top Indian CEO, Shawn Atleo, at the phony First Nations Summit in Ottawa sends the same old “we’re-gonna-get-dem-Injuns” message.

This was the first public face-to-face meeting of Harper and his 400 corporate Injuns in Canada. Their job is to continue the illusion that Canada is a legal country while helping the corporation make money from the extraction of Indigenous resources.  Read the rest of this entry