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The Mass Line: A Study in Revolutionary Methods of Leadership and Work (Part 6)

“In all the practical work of our Party, all correct leadership is necessarily ‘from the masses, to the masses’.” – Chairman Mao Zedong, Some Questions Concerning Methods of Leadership

The mass line is method of leadership and work which was most clearly developed by Chairman Mao Zedong of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It has been described as the ”concentrate[d]…correct ideas that the masses gain in everyday life.” Mao developed it into a coherent organizing methodology which has subsequently been applied by many revolutionaries since the Chinese revolution. 

I firmly believe that the application of the mass line is something that must be fundamental to how revolutionary communists carry out any and all of their work, no matter whether it is in community development initiatives, the anti-imperialist and anti-war struggle, political prisoner and prisoner of war work or other progressive struggles. Read the rest of this entry