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The Mass Line: A Study in Revolutionary Methods of Leadership and Work (Part 3)

“In all the practical work of our Party, all correct leadership is necessarily ‘from the masses, to the masses’.” – Chairman Mao Zedong, Some Questions Concerning Methods of Leadership

The mass line is method of leadership and work which was most clearly developed by Chairman Mao Zedong of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It has been described as the ”concentrate[d]…correct ideas that the masses gain in everyday life.” Mao developed it into a coherent organizing methodology which has subsequently been applied by many revolutionaries since the Chinese revolution. 

I firmly believe that the application of the mass line is something that must be fundamental to how revolutionary communists carry out any and all of their work, no matter whether it is in community development initiatives, the anti-imperialist and anti-war struggle, political prisoner and prisoner of war work or other progressive struggles.While the term mass line was first coined by the Communist Party of China during the revolutionary Mao period it has in fact been employed by every single successful revolutionary movement. Like the vanguard party and the united front its validity has been proven by this success. Read the rest of this entry

Communist Party of the Philippines on DPRK’s Anti-US Defiance in Launching Rocket

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today congratulated the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) for successfully defying the US-led campaign of imperialist countries and their puppet states to stop it from launching a rocket to bring a civilian satellite into space to upgrade its communication and scientific infrastructure.

“After months of diplomatic, economic, political and military pressure exerted on the DPRK by the US-led imperialist countries, the DPRK defied all imperialist threats and today launched the Unha-3 rocket auspiciously timed to mark the 100th birth anniversary of its revolutionary anti-imperialist leader and first president Kim Il-Sung on April 16,” said the CPP.

The launch, however, was not a complete success as the DPRK announced that the rocket failed to break the earth’s atmosphere. The CPP pointed out that even the most advanced capitalist countries have encountered rocket-launch failures in the past, including the mid-flight explosion of the US Challenger Space Shuttle in 1986. Read the rest of this entry

Communist Party of the Philippines: Further Strengthen the Party to Advance the People’s War

We celebrate today with boundless happiness the 43rd anniversary of the reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) under the guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and all the victories that we have won since then in the Filipino people’s democratic revolution against US imperialism and the local exploiting classes of big compradors and landlords.

We salute and honor all Party cadres and members, all the revolutionary forces and the entire people for all their efforts and sacrifices in bringing about victories in the revolution. Let us fervently extol and emulate our revolutionary martyrs and outstanding heroes.

Since last year, we have seen significant achievements in our ideological, political and organizational work. We have scored major successes in fulfilling the political requirements for realizing the plan to advance from strategic defensive to strategic stalemate. We have strengthened the political foundation for intensifying the people’s war. Read the rest of this entry