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Oshkimaadziig Camp “Asked” To Leave

A statement from the Anishinabek Confederacy to Invoke Our Nationhood.


Wednesday April, 25 2012


Coldwater Heritage Museum Board of Ditrectors have requested to the organizers of an Anishinabek Oshkimaadzig Camp to pack up and leave the Museum’s property as soon as possible in a show of good faith after setting up camp without permission.

The Camp has been set up for over a week by three Anishinabek Men who are trying to bring an awareness of the 1764 Niagara Treaty Belt, 24 Nations Belt, Two Row Wampum, the One Dish One Spoon Belt and the Ojibway Friendship Belt where they feel Canada’s Specific Claims Policy along with the Indian Act are in breach of these peace agreements as well as the Canadian Constitution.

”Our intention was not to cause any disruption between the residents of Coldwater or the members of the Four Communities in the Coldwater Land Surrender. Our intention is to raise awareness that an absolute surrender of our land title is an absolute surrender of our Sovereignty. As of yet our lands have not been surrendered. ” says Memeskwaniniisi one of the camp organizer’s Read the rest of this entry

The Problem With Academic Radicals

This bares a striking resemblance to a certain Canadian-based indigenous ‘radical’ scholar and activist…