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Revolution Requires the Unity of the Oppressed: On the Anti-Afrikan Racism of Mohawk Nations News

A representative of the revolutionary anti-colonial struggle in Zimbabwe speaks at a gathering of Native radicals at Pine Ridge

As a Native revolutionary driven web project The Speed of Dreams is encouraging all of its readers to join our calling out of Mohawk Nations News for their recent shocking and shameful display of anti-Afrikan racism in the article Obama, Buffalo Soldier Chief. To quote their own website, “Mohawk Nation News service began during the Mohawk/Oka crisis of 1990 by providing updates on the resistance.” From these roots MNN has grown into an internationally recognized source of critical news about not only the Mohawk people, but other Native nations as well.

However, that is not to say that MNN has been perfect. For some time while we here have been re-posting their articles, we have also been concerned with their promotion of globalist conspiracy theories which ultimately have their roots in the libertarian and neo-fascist wings of the North American far-right. However, while this has always been a concern, it has never been an insurmountable obstacle. That is why TSoD has been so shocked by the content of the article.

The article begins fine, as a criticism of the Buffalo Soldiers, Africans (mostly former slaves) who fought against Native peoples for the expanding United States settler empire in the period following the inter-settler civil war. This is a history we must be critical of, just as we must be critical of those Native nations who for this-or-that reason decided to side with the expanding settler empire. We must be critical of this history because we must be critical of all attempts by imperialist White power to set different oppressed nations against one another and be ever vigilant for any and all future attempts. Read the rest of this entry


Two Row Decision – Iroquois V. NYS Troopers

MNN.  On May 18, 2012, we stopped playing their games in their artificial court.  We came out with a little bit of their guilt money.

Exactly fifteen years ago, On May 18, 1997 we were attacked by New York State Troopers.  97 of us brought charges against them in the NYS Northern District Court.  Five have since died.

We people of all Iroquois Confederacy nations had gathered at the property of Andrew Jones on Onondaga Territory for a traditional ceremony.

As the sacred fire on private land burned, Oren Lyons and the Onondaga Confederacy Chiefs sent in the radical New York State Troopers to terrorize and attack us, using NYS Gestapo tactics.  Our freedom of speech, religion and assembly were violated.

The beatings, false arrests and denial of medical attention were video taped.

We, the men, women children and some babies were on the other end of NYS vicious assault.  They were like seal hunters trying to fatally harm us.  Our children were hurt.  Many were almost beaten to death.    We could not fight back because small children were running in our midst. While holding down an elder, a Trooper tried to snap his neck.

The Troopers said they were immune from being sued.   They lost at the first level, appealed and lost again.

On April 8, 2008 Judge George H. Lowe heard the evidence and decided that, if it went to court, we would win, sometime in the future.  They’re waiting for us to die off, and put it over to the next generation, telling us, “Get over it”. Read the rest of this entry

Mohawk Nation News: ‘Mohawks Strike Terror’

An expensive amateur propaganda and slick video by APTN,  “Canada Will Get No Warning Next Time We Strike”, Says [one] Mohawk’, is a joke!  We have no guns, bombs, armies, nor threaten anybody.  We advocate peace and non-violence.

Our truth is terrifying the world’s corporate rulers.  To them we are scarier than Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Tamil Tigers, Hezbollah, Islamic terrorists, even Quebec Separatists, Lone Wolf operatives like the underwear bomber, multi issue extremists, environmentalists, anti-capitalists and animal rights activists.

We are called ‘Aboriginal extremists’ because we have always defended ourselves when attacked, at Oka in 1990, Caledonia land reclamation at Six Nations,Tyendinaga Quarry and wouldn’t let border guards carry weapons in Akwesasne.

Self-defense is called terrorism.  When the masses understand us, the British divide and conquer card is trumped.

The masses want answers from the bankers and their foot soldiers.  Where’s the money?  Democracy?  Our future?  How did you become so filthy rich while we have hardly anything? Read the rest of this entry