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Mohawks, Get Ready For Martial Law

Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Feb. 17, 2010. The Indian Act is Canada’s policy. The goal is assimilation until there are no Indigenous left. When we object to this, we are called racist.

Who stands to gain from this forced removal of non-natives from Kahnawake by the band council, followed by the forced removal of us?

These evictions are initiated by the government. Why is the media blaming Indigenous for creating the Indian Act and calling us racist?

Certain colonial political parties are making major deals with the US. Quebec has sold our water rights to the US under NAFTA. To ship our water south they must go through Mohawk communities. We will oppose this.

Quebec-Canada-New York State-Washington DC are trying to cut off Mohawk initiatives, economic self-sufficiency and the viability of our communities. They are threatening people who do business with us. Read the rest of this entry