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1965 UMAP brigades: What They Were, What They Were Not

Fidel Castro concluded in 1992: “I am absolutely opposed to any form of repression, contempt, scorn or discrimination with regard to homosexuals. It is a natural tendency and human that must simply be respected.”

The following article is by Leslie Feinberg. Leslie is a well known radical trans and queer activist in the United States, and ze has spent many years attempting to build LGBTQ solidarity with the people of Cuba and the Cuban Revolution. In this ze has actively fought against the all too common belief among both queers and non-queers in North America that Cuba is not a friend. Many believe that in Cuba homosexuality is condemned and queers, especially men, are sent to labor camps. In this article Leslie refutes this as propaganda and tells about the true history of this part of the Cuban Revolution. 

Also be sure to check out hir book Rainbow Solidarity: In Defence of Cuba. It is a compilation of 25 articles about how the Cuban Revolution has worked to overturn prejudice against same-sex love from the colonial and imperial eras. This never-before-compiled information offers a factual vista on the trajectory of progress of the Cuban Revolution. It’s a must-read to understand the revolutionary process required to uproot anti-queer & trans oppression. Read the rest of this entry