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The Guardian: Republican Dissidents Join Forces to Form a New IRA

The following is a report from the British bourgeois press which outlines the supposed merger of the Real Irish Republican Army (Real IRA/RIRA) with several smaller dissident physical force Republican groups in order to create a “new” IRA. Given its source we here at The Speed of Dreams will take it with a grain of salt until something closer to the source emerges. Further, posting this is not an endorsement of the Real IRA, the “new IRA” or the Continuity IRA (who have thus far been left out of the merger). Rather the line of TSoD tends to reflect that of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement.

Three of the four main dissident republican terror groups in Northern Ireland are to merge and reclaim the banner of the IRA, in an escalation of attempts to de-stabilise power sharing.

The Real IRA has been joined by Republican Action Against Drugs, which has been running a violent vigilante campaign in Derry, and a coalition of independent armed republican groups – leaving only the Continuity IRA outside the new group. Read the rest of this entry