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So Israel is an Illegitimate Settler Occupation, But the Americas are Not?

That is the position of the White “left”, even the most vocal supporters of a One-State Solution to the Palestinian national movement struggle. However, as all genuine anti-imperialists and revolutionaries around the world know, settler colonialism is settler colonialism; White Power is White Power; imperialism is imperialism. It makes no differences where it occurs, whether Turtle Island to Palestine.

Harper Launches Major First Nations Termination Plan: Negotiating Tables to Finalize Kanadian Colonialism

Kanada, terrified by growing First Nations militancy and anti-colonialism, is moving to liquidate the faux-sovereignty currently accorded to us

The following editorial was originally featured in the First Nations Strategic Bulletin (FNSB), June-October 2012. You can view/download this latest edition of the FNSB by clicking the following link: FNSB June-October 2012

On September 4th the Harper government clearly signaled its intention to:

1) Focus all its efforts to assimilate First Nations into the existing federal and provincial orders of government of Canada;

2) Terminate the constitutionally protected and internationally recognized Inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty rights of First Nations.

Termination in this context means the ending of First Nations pre-existing sovereign status through federal coercion of First Nations into Land Claims and Self-Government Final Agreements that convert First Nations into municipalities, their reserves into fee simple lands and extinguishment of their Inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. Read the rest of this entry

Living in His Parents Basement Part 2: The Ideological Image

From The Speed of Dreams guest author Gregory Lucero. For part 1 of comrade Greg’s series on Living in His Parents Basement: An Exercise in Settler Ideology go here.

Illustration 1: The ideological picture of the typical “basement dweller.”

We can now examine the ideology as presented in society at large with the the background of the tools of analysis we found in part I. In this section, we’ll look at the dominant ideology of shame related to those living with family, see how it statistically affects people within the United States, and touch briefly on some issues regarding sex and gender.

The ideological trope of a man “living in their parents basement” implies an immense immaturity and social failure in life. The failure of the individual is implied in several key fashions. First, it’s implied in an economic manner. The individual in question never reached a level of economic independence from not having a job, working on low paying jobs, or from spending money on frivolous things which frequently imply toys, video games, comics, or movies. Thus, we can see the individual remains immature and never moved along to living on their own while still economically depending on their parents. Secondly, it implies a social failure. It implies a failure because it’s assumed that such an individual either remains under parental control in a substantive way or they ironically exist as an “ungrateful child” who rebels against the rightful and reasonable demands of the parent. Read the rest of this entry