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Menominee 7th Grader Suspended for Speaking Our Language at Catholic Youth Indoctrination Centre

Sacred Heart Catholic Youth Indoctrination Center, Shawano

Slightly personal rant: Being a Menominee myself who has family quite involved in the language restoration project (as this young women’s is), I heard about this almost as soon as it happened. I’ve also been to Shawno dozens of times throughout my life as some of my family lives there and its like 10-15 minutes from the rez. I’ve always hated that place. Normally when I go to the US, especially to New England where my fiancee’s family is from, I am made ill by the row after row of American flags, well in Shawno its practically row after row of CSA flags. The crackers in that town, who make up a clear majority, can practically smell an Indian coming. Anti-native sentiment from them is nothing new. In fact, I wouldn’t say that this incident was even much of a surprise because of the town’s history. So let me reiterate, fuck Shawno, Wisconsin. When the revolution comes I will personally burn that town to the ground. Read the rest of this entry