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Afrikans in Nova Scotia Consider Joining the African Union

While the African Union is a highly problematic institution of the Afrikan bourgeoisie this still an important moment in the building of an Afrikan national consciousness for Afrikan people at home and abroad. Also, as a quick blogger’ note, the author of this article from the Media Co-Op (Ted Rutland) claims that “the effort to create a political organization representing all African people is unprecedented” which is most definitely untrue. One only has to look at the example of Garvey’s United Negro Improvement League, which had millions of members across the world in a period long before the internet, which includes members in the Americas, Europe and Africa.

“I’m a black man from a hostile environment,” says David Horne.

Horne is an international facilitator with the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SRDC), and he was in Halifax recently to address a town hall meeting at Africville Park. Along with the other organizers of the event, Horne was hoping to gauge the interest of the African Nova Scotian community in becoming part of the SRDC – and, indeed, becoming leading members of it. Around 150 people attended the town hall, trekking through a major, day-long downpour to discuss their collective future under the ceiling of a event-sized tent. Read the rest of this entry


A Defining Moment for Africa: North Atlantic Terrorists Will Be Defeated in Libya

The article is by Gerald A. Perreira. Gerald is a founding member of the Guyanese organizations, Joint Initiative for Human Advancement and Dignity and Black Consciousness Movement Guyana (BCMG). He lived in Libya for many years, served in the Green March, an international battalion for the defense of the Libyan revolution and was an executive member of the World Mathaba based in Tripoli.

Please note that the posting this article does not imply complete endorsement of it and its author’s analysis. I post for it out of interest and for discussion in light of the continuing attack by imperialist white power on Libya and the whole of the African continent. Read the rest of this entry

Israel’s Meddling in the Sudan Conflict

The following is some food for thought about the conflict in Sudan between the north and south, and between the north and the Darfur region. Most recently this conflict has resulted in the formal flag independence of south Sudan.

This quote comes to us from former Israeli Interior Security Minister Avi Dichter and speaks to the role of imperialist white power in driving the conflict. It speaks frankly and openly to Israel’s recognition of the threat to its existence as a white power settler state by a united Arab and African world.

“We had to weaken Sudan and deprive it of the initiative to build a strong and united state. That is necessary for bolstering and strengthening Israel’s national security. We produced and escalated the Darfur crisis to prevent Sudan from developing its capabilities.”

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