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Toronto May Day Indigenous/Anti-Colonial/Anti-Authoritarian Contingent

May Day Indigenous/Anti-Colonial Contingent (Castellano Abajo)

The WCCC is calling out to all anti-colonial, indigenous and anti-authoritarian allies to join us for the No One is Illegal May Day of Rally for Status for ALL!

MAY 1st – Corner of Queen St. West & Jameson @ 1PM

We Rise Up in Resistance: Resistance to Oblivion, to Impunity and Plunder, from the most profound sense of our being.

We Rise Up: To Fascism and its racist terror.

We Rise Up: To exploitative mercantile capitalism.

We Rise Up: To the Oppressive States that have turned Life into the Murder of Human Beings…

Our Ñuke-Mapu, Mother Earth, helps us in our effort. Our Young Warriors and Our Wise Elders in Wallmapu, in Turtle Island, give us the Newen [Energy] to rise up and continue resisting the Invader. Read the rest of this entry



Pauulu Kamarakafego, The Black Beret Cadre and Black Power in Bermuda

Dr. Quito Swan

To most people who know me I am the friendly neighborhood pissed as hell revolutionary native nationalist, fighting the good fight against colonialism, imperialism and capitalism in North America. However, in another life I was born on the tiny island nation of Bermuda, and was raised there. As such, even though I’ve long since left Bermuda, and have little in the way of plans to return (my calling in life takes me elsewhere) I’ve maintained a strong interest in Bermudian politics and history, and so it was with great interest that I happened upon the subject of today’s post.


A transnational, pan-African youth movement, Black Power in Bermuda sought freedom for Bermuda’s African population from the island’s White oligarchy and independence from British colonialism. It was spearheaded by activists such as Pauulu Kamarakafego and the Black Beret Cadre. The Cadre maintained relationships with revolutionary organizations across the African Diaspora, such as the Black Panthers. Emerging in the late 1960s, the Movement witnessed the assassinations of Bermuda’s British Chief of Police and Governor (1972-1973).

In this interview with Jared Ball on Vox Union, Bermudian and professor Dr. Quito Swan discusses his work, Black Power in Bermuda and the Struggle for Decolonization. Read the rest of this entry