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Israel’s Meddling in the Sudan Conflict

The following is some food for thought about the conflict in Sudan between the north and south, and between the north and the Darfur region. Most recently this conflict has resulted in the formal flag independence of south Sudan.

This quote comes to us from former Israeli Interior Security Minister Avi Dichter and speaks to the role of imperialist white power in driving the conflict. It speaks frankly and openly to Israel’s recognition of the threat to its existence as a white power settler state by a united Arab and African world.

“We had to weaken Sudan and deprive it of the initiative to build a strong and united state. That is necessary for bolstering and strengthening Israel’s national security. We produced and escalated the Darfur crisis to prevent Sudan from developing its capabilities.”

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Urgent Call to the people of Greece and the World: Freedom Flotilla Must Sail to Gaza!

Several boats that are part of Freedom Flotilla Two – Stay Human have been detained and prohibited to sail by the Greek Coast Guard, including the U.S., Canadian and Spanish Boats to Gaza, and the Greek government has prohibited any boats from sailing to Gaza from Greek ports. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls upon the Greek government to immediately end this active complicity with the Israeli siege on Gaza and release the boats to join the Flotilla to Gaza, and calls on all popular forces and movements in Greece and internationally to demand that the Greek government end its participation in the illegal Israeli blockade and allow the Freedom Flotilla to sail!

The Greek people have demonstrated, time and again, their firm solidarity with the Palestinian people, taking to the streets en masse to stand with the people of Palestine against Israeli massacres, invasions and wars. The people of Greece have also taken to their streets in the millions in the past months, and Greek workers risen in escalating general strikes over the past weeks, to stand against an EU/IMF economic austerity plan for their country which will mean misery, subservience, and suffering for Greece’s people. Read the rest of this entry

American Indian Movement’s Jimbo Simmons on Gaza Freedom Flotilla Delegation

Jimbo Simmons

AIM West and the Free Palestine Movement announced that Jimbo Simmons of the American Indian Movement West (AIM West) will be a member of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla Delegation.

Tony Gonzales of AIM West said Sunday that Jimbo Simmons, Choctaw, is headed out in solidarity to break the blockade.

“AIM representative Jimbo Simmons in solidarity with the Palestine Freedom Movement is among the Gaza Flotilla delegates heading off today in an effort to break the blockade! Stay tuned about future developments and on our website at Watch this action unfold as AIM enters international waters bringing peace and extending its hand in friendship. Our prayers go out with the flotilla and with our brother Bill ‘Jimbo’ Simmons.”

The Free Palestine Movement said, “American Indian Movement West (AIM-WEST) contains a spirit of resistance to colonization, respect for traditional knowledge and self-determination, and a commitment to inter-tribalism.   Read the rest of this entry