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Two-Spirit People: Gender Variance & Resistance in Mamāceqtaw Culture

First written two years ago, I do not consider this a perfect article by any stretch, but I have decided to re-post it (with some touch ups) as a reply to the inherently Eurocentric and colonial discourse within the White women’s movement around gender.

Introduction: Gender Variance Within the Oppressor Nation

Unlike much of the rest of the world the White nation has long defined itself through adherence to patriarchal social and cultural traditions, not the least of which is the Judeo-Christian religion. As such, in the culture of the White nation gender expression has historically been viewed as a simple binary divided into polar opposites: male and female, masculine and feminine.

However, even within the White oppressor nation, below the surface mainstream of the mainstream culture, there has always been gender variable people and cross-dressers. This has historically especially been so within the gay and lesbian community where the archetypes of the drag queen and stone butch have been present for some time. Read the rest of this entry